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Main Introduction of the College

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摘要: Main Introduction of the College

School of Journalism at Hebei University, China, was set up in 1981. It is one of the first batches of 9 professional Journalism institutes established after The Cultural Revolution. The School began to recruit students since 1978, established the department of Journalism in 1995 while the college of Journalism and Communication was set up in 2000.
During the last 32 years, the college has imparted training to more than 7000 graduates and postgraduates from around the China. The present enrollment at college is around 930 undergraduate students, 320 graduate students while ratio of graduate’s enrollment has been recorded 25% in the past 5 years.
The Hebei University’s School of Journalism has achieved tremendous progress by providing modern facilities along with improving the teaching standards keeping view the needs of changing trends in globalized world. The school has earned a nationwide reputation in teaching quality Journalism and today, it is ranked as a leading Journalism School in China.
School of Journalism offers Journalism education to undergraduate students with the following five majors:
Radio and television journalism
Broadcasting and hosting art
Editing and publishing
The College has also established a Chinese and foreign cultural department, 5 research institutes, a library and a media center of excellence.
The College has also launched two more disciplines of Journalism which offer Doctor’s Degree Program, Master's degree program with majors in Journalism and Communication. While the second-class discipline offers Master’s Degree Programs (Journalism, Communication science) and Professional Master's Degree Programs (journalism and communication, publishing).
After more than 20 years of dedicated hardwork and development, the college has formed an outstanding team of qualified teaching staff with strong academic and professional expertise. The school has a more than 80 faculty members that includes 43 senior teachers, 27 doctors and doctoral students. Some 6 teachers are dedicated for doctor degree program, 22 teachers for graduate. The average age of teachers is 42.7 years that forms a unique team of highly dedicated, seasoned and experienced teachers with sound professional and academic potential.
The consistent hard work and dedication of teachers and students, our college has gained a batch of innovative achievements in the last 10 years. Now the School of Journalism has four distinctive features; Theoretic Journalism, Applied Journalism, Culture Communication, Editing and Publishing Sciences. The dedicated teaching staff is enthusiastically studying the Mass Media Monitoring, News Affinity, Internet Communication, National Journalism, Dynastic History of Publishing, History of shansi-chahar-hopei, Media Economics.
In recent five years, School of journalism has won many distinctions at local and national levels in the areas of teaching and research. The School has undertaken a large amount of projects, including 7 national and more than 30 provincial items and has published over 20 academic monographs and 400-plus papers. The school has also won 12 prizes at the provincial level or above.
The School of Journalism is equipped with state of the art technology that includes a dedicated News Room for cultivating high-quality applied talents for the media industry of the country. The talents of the college are working for all the levels of media from central to local TV, Radio newspapers and online media.
The Media Center of the School has a television studio, radio, television synthesis lab and MIT media lab besides a library which has 20000 copies of books on media. It has 120 kinds of newspapers and periodicals and 1596 kinds of discs containing media content.
The leadership of Hebei University, Faculty of School of Journalism, teachers and students are all striving to transform the college into a shining Center of Excellence in the field Journalism and Communication fields both in China and abroad.

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