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Director Of The Institutes

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摘要: Director Of The Institutes

新闻研究所 Institute of Press  所长:杨秀国 Director:Xiuguo Yang

编辑出版研究所 Institute of  Editing and Publishing 所长:田建平 Director:Jianping Tian

传播心理学研究所  Institute of communication psychology 所长:曹茹 Director:Ru Cao

广播电视研究所 Institute of Radio and Television 所长:王俊杰 Director:Junjie Wang


传媒实验中心  Center  for Media Experiment   副主任:白贵 Vice director:Gui Bai


河北省新闻传播教育学会  Institute for Journalism and Communication Education Of Hebei Province

会长:白贵  CommanderGui Bai   秘书长:商建辉 secretary-generalJianhui Shang


河北大学读书促进会  Association for the Reading Promotion Of Hebei University 

秘书长:杜恩龙 secretary-generalEnLong DU


海峡两岸华文出版论坛秘书处 Secretariat for  Chinese Publishing Forum held by both sides of Taiwan &Mainland of China

秘书长:任文京 secretary-generalWenjing Ren


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