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Jin Qiang

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摘要: Jin Qiang

Biography of Jin Qiang;     

Basic information

Name: Jin Qiang

Birth:1980.11 Hebei Province


Degree: Doctorin candidateof the Journalsim Subject

Supervisor:Prof.BaiGui(the dean of the faculty of Journalism&Communication in HEBU)

Positional Title: Associate Professor

Position&Job: Associate Director of editing & publishing

Deputy Secretary of Chinese Publishing Forum held by both sides of Taiwan and Mainland China

Research fields: editing &publishing, journalism and Communication

Specific direction: editing &publishing practicePractical journalism, Publishing exhibition,Publishing education research,Study on the history of the Hui newspapers,Newspapers and history research during the Republic of China



Contact address: Department of editing &publishing of School of Journalism and communication of Hebei University 2666 seven one Road,Baoding City, Hebei Province

Zip code: 071000


Education experience

19992003: Chinese,Department of College of Humanities of Hebei University, bachelor's degree;

20032006: Research on ancient Chinese Literature,College of Art of Shanghai University, master's degree;

2013      : Journalism, School of Journalism and communication of Hebei University journalism;Doctor's degree.


Work experience:

20062007: editing and publishing of Journalism School of Hebei University, assistant professor;

20082013: editing and publishing of Journalism School of Hebei University, lecturer;

2014    : editing and publishing of Journalism School of Hebei University, associate professor;


Teaching Courses:

Undergraduate course.

Professional basic course: Introduction to Publishing Studies

Professional core Compulsory courses: Book marketing,Editor’s practical writing,Newspaper editing,Press operation and management

Professional Core Elective courses:Copyright and copyright trade, Chinese and foreignpublishing culture

Module elective professional: Research Journal Publishing

The whole school elective course: editor’s practical writing, intellectual property and copyright trade

Radio and television professional elective courses: Mandarin speech and pronunciation skills


Curriculum Overseas course.

Master students:Media & Diplomacy Study (English Class)


Academic Papers

Main works:

1.Editor in chief (the first) "Chinese history knowledge books" series (a full set of ten volumes), Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd, in 2012 October,ISBN 978-7-5534-0478-3

2.Editor in chief (the second) "blue land - ocean geography" series (a full set of seventeen volumes), Jilin publishing Refco Group Ltd, in 2012 October ,ISBN 978-7-5534-0055-6

3.Editor in chief (the third), "to explain the traditional Chinese festival in an interesting way(set of 2 volumes)", Jilin Literature and history Press, in 2013 March, ISBN 978-7-5472-1319-3

Main articles and papers:

1.Commentary on the Loses of the Media Jobholders’ Occupational Ethic from the Aspect of the Neglected Dissemination Effect, Journal of Hebei University(Philosophy and Social Science) 2008(2)

2.Yuanzaju GuanYu Defeats ChiYou and the beginning of the worship to GuanYu as a god of rain and the god of war, Hebei Academic Journal , 2008(05)

3.From the "celebrity" to "analysis of the book die auditions" –the basic analysis on the book image prolocutor phenomenon, Publishing Research,2008(6)

4.System causes and Countermeasures of fake reporters , Journal of Zhejiang Media and Communications College", 2008(6).

5.Adaptability of journalism education and local media development environment -- a case study of Hebei province,"science and Technology Innovation Herald , 2008(25).
6.A Brief Study on the Undulation of Hui Journals in Modern China, A Brief Study on the Undulation of Hui Journals in Modern China,2008(4)

7.Observations and Reflections on" the Beijing International Book Fair, Chinese publishing, 2009(9)

8.The strategy analysis of BIBF to cope with the international financial crisis, China news& publishing paper, September 7, 2009 the 6 edition.

9.The new culture movement and the Hui Periodicals, China national newspaper, in November 17, 2009 11th edition of "religious weekly-humanities and history, 2nd author.

10.The Interaction Between Hui’s New Cultural Movement and Islamic Newspapers and Periodicals, Journal of Jiangsu University(Social Science Edition),2010(4)

11.The new paradigm of city reading and the new business opportunities  of publishing event – the enlightenment  from the upgrade of publishing and reading in Shanghai World Expo,Chinese publishing, 2010(6).

12.Book Auxiliary Articles and Countermeasures——based on the woodsville survey of 1000 kinds of books , Publishing  Science,2010(6)

13.Reflections on the book fairs’legacy issues, View on Publishing , ,2011(4)

14.Linking up the issue concept,sharing the cuture pulse -- on the pulse rhythm were thinking of 2011 Beijing Book Fair,Publishing Research,2011(4)

15.The construction of strong Chinese culture demonstration area and the publishing cooperation of Beijing Tianjin and Hebei,,China Publishing Journal,2011(9)

16.The main remark on the media selection of books advertising,Modern Publishing , 2011(5)

17.The intellectual strategy of editors when they are facing the selection of the cultural content of publications, Editorial Friend , 2011(10).

18.To analysis culture promotion to the foreign countries from the internatonal book fairs——also analysis the status promotion of the Chinese editors in book fairs,Editors’Journel, 2012 (1), the second author

19.Read Mrs Zhong’s world, beautiful and peaceful -- Comment on Fang Ling Zhong’s"Book Trilogy" the legend of bookstore,View on Publishing,2012(7)

20.The Analysis on the Current Situation and Future of Vehicle Audio Book, Publishing Journal , ,2012(5)

21.The main remark on the new requirements on the teaching of the history of editing and publishing,Modern Publishing , 20125

22.The observation on Beijing International Book Fair and the thinking on the ten major relationships, study on culture creative career management " (Taiwan), 2013 (10).

23.Study on matching publication operation of Confucius College,View on Publishing , 2013(3).

24.Expound the National Reports of the Chinese Ethnic Hui Modern Newspapers, Journal of Hui Muslim Minority Studies,2013(2)

25.The Research on Baoding Literary Journal Youyan Published During the Period of Republic of China, Journal of Baoding University , 2013(3)

Research projects:

To conduct 3 scientific research projects and participate 6 projects, the main research items are as follows:

1.The era requirement from China media industry to the education of Journalism and communication, the reform project of graduate education and teaching research of Hebei Universityt, the first leading researcher ,from 2007 January to 2008 June.

2.From the web version of the newspaper to mainstream news sites —— Research on the" development strategy of news website of Hebei province ,  philosophy social sciences research projectof of Hebei Province ,second leading researcher, from 2005 May to 2008 July.

3.The study on the interaction relationship of the modern Hui culture movements and the newspapers and periodicals , , Hebei University youth fund project on Humanities and Social Sciences, the host, from 2008 March to 2010 November.

4.The way to operate the diversification of the Chinese publishing enterprises, the national social science fund project, the 4th leading researcher, from 2007 June to 2010 October.

5.The research on the Hui newspapers and journals in modern Chinese history , national social science fund project, the 2nd leading researcher ,from 2008 June to 2010 September.

6.The Study on the newspapers and journels in Baoding city during the period of Republic of China, Baoding philosophy and social science planning research projects, the host, from 2011 August to 2012 June.

7.The research on the electronic schoolbag and it’s operation mode, Social Science Fund project of Hebei Province, 4th of participants,from 2011 June to 2012 July.

8.The research on the Pakistani mass media, funded by the Communication University of China 2013 annual Asia Media Research Center, host, from 2013 January to 2015 January.

9.The research on the model construction, performance evaluation and management innovation of the media - information industry with the background of the integration of three networks , science and technology plan project of Hebei province,the 4th participants, the acceptance date ,2013-12-18

Level of English

CET 6, good at both written and spoken English


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