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The College held the event that overseas student...

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摘要: The College held the event that overseas students went on ...

The College of Journalism and Communication held the event that overseas students went on Master Degree Graduation Thesis Defenses on the third floor of B2 on the afternoon of May 30,2014.The first graduated four overseas students of our college came back to the spot of this event.The chairman of this event was Yin Weizhi,the professor of China University of Political Science and Law.And another four teachers of our college were the oral defense committee. Khudaverdyan Sirarpi from Armenia, Guillermo Abuhadba from Chile, Mohamed Fernando Conteh from Sierra Leone and Juan Alvarado Gonzalez from Costa Rica were the ones who went on the thesis defense.At the same time,another master students,doctoral students and international students came to watch.Some Current Master Students of our college took charge of the secretary and services job.
In the end,the committee voted Mohamed Fernando Conteh’s thesis,Content Analysis of Africa's Image in China Daily as the outstanding diploma thesis.




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