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Our college held the 2014 graduation ceremony su...

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摘要: Our faculty of journalism and communication held the 2014 ...

Our college held the 2014 graduation ceremony successfully


Our faculty of journalism and communication held the 2014 graduation ceremony which was the degree awarding rite in the Handan Music Hall in new campus of HEBU at 3:00-5:30 p.m on June 20th 2014.The leaders who attended this ceremony were Zhang  Yanqin who is the Standing committee of the communist party and Commission for Discipline Inspection,Bai Gui who is the dean of our college,Hu Lianli who is doctotial supervisor of our college and Standing committee of the communist party and deputy secretary of Baoding College,Wang Jingming who is the secretary of the party committee of our college,the subdecanals---Han Lixin,Peng Huanping,Du Hao,and the doctotial supervisors---Yang Xiuguo,Ren Wenjing etc.The ceremony went on with the national anthem.

First of all,the graduation certificate was awarded to every graduate.The Commission for Discipline Inspection, Zhang  Yanqin and Pro Hu and Pro Yang and so on.About 10 leaders and teachers awarded to 370 graduates,including the master students who studied Journalism,Communication, Journalism and Communication and Publishing,the undergraduates who majored in Journalism,advertising,Television Broadcasting Science and the Editing and Publishing.

After that,the degree awarding went on.The dean awarded the degree to every graduates.It took about 2 hours to finish the rite.

The graduates came to the scene with the music.The screen showed everyone's personality.Our dean awarded the degree to every graduates in person,shaked hands and even hugged with everyone.Then the dean put the tassels trencher cap of graduates to the left side.Also,they took photos together to remember the nice time.At last,the ceremony ended with the school song of Hebei University.

Not long,Liu Niannian,the present of internal students, Fan Zhao,the graduates present and Associate Pro. Yang made the statement in order.

The dean strengthened the conscience of being a media figure at the base of society,the life,the career and so on.Especially building and protecting the position and good point of our college’s media education.He also concluded the development and progress we made the last 30 years,telling the education thoughts and the good tradition.Then he encouraged the graduates to contribute for their career and society and take over the spirit of Hebei University.

All the graduates came to the teachers talking their future and took photos with each other.After the ceremony,all got together and took a group photo in front of the Handan Music Hall.



















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