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Doctoral Student of Grade 2013 Graduation Disser...

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摘要: Doctoral Student of Grade 2013 Graduation Dissertation Pro...

In January 18, 2015, the doctoral student of grade 2013 gradution dissertation proposal seminar of our academy is staged in the meeting room on the thrid floor in B2. We invited professors and experts from other universities including Kun Zhang from the Huazhong University of Science and Technology, Yan Sui from the Communication University of China, adding 6 professors from Hebei University named Gui Bai, Xupei Sun, Xiuguo Yang, Dan Tao, Wenjin Ren and Lianli Hu. Fei Gao, Qiang Jin, Zhanjun Li, Ruijuan Re, Lina Yuan, grade 2013 doctoral candidates of our academy, Jun Xiao in grade 2012 and doctoral international students called Erol (Turkish membership) and Huangmei Ruan ( Vietnamese) participated in the Capstone one after another.
Hierophants raised their standards toward their frame concepition, methods of researching, academic innovation and academic regulation. Grade 2013 doctoral graduates are the second group learners that are taken in by our college, which are divided into four parts ranging from media history, media and communication practice, literature transimission and editing & publishing. Grade 2014 doctoral candidates audited. 

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