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Our International Students Visited Beijing and S...

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On May 13 and 26, 2015, Journalism and Communication School’s overseas students visited the media of Shijiazhuang and Beijing respectively, there were 11 students visited Shijiazhuang, while 12 students visited Beijing, including Bachelor’s Candidates, Master’s Candidates and Doctor’s Candidates who are from Uganda, Indonesia, Mali, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Madagascar, Morocco, Cote d'Ivoire, Cape Verde, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Pakistan separately.
At 9.30 on May 13, the 12-people-group of Journalism & Communication School’s teachers and students reached HEBTV, Zhang Yan, a section chief of HEBTV led them to look around, introduced the development history of HEBTV, as well as visited outside broadcast vehicles.

At 2 p.m., teachers and students arrived at Hebei Radio Station, Wei Yanzhi, the Director of the station greeted everybody’s visit, in the Reading Room, Director Sang Guoxing introduced the basic situation of Hebei Radio Station, Ms. Jiang Hong, the Vice Director of the Traffic Channel introduced the Traffic Channel, Ms. Yao Ye, the Supervisor of the Jitong Client of Hebei Radio Station introduced the station’s new media strategies and developments. Then, Director Wei and others didn’t only lead the teachers and students to visit in person, but also answered the questions of students. After that, the teachers and students came to Hebei Daily, Jia Wei, the director of Hebei Daily General Editorial Department received them in person and led the students visiting Editing Room and Hebei News Website, gave exquisite gifts to the students as souvenirs as well.
Teachers and students arrived at the People's Daily at 10:00am on May 26.A teachers of the newspaper Tian Yuxiang led teachers and students to have a visit of the People's Daily and People's Daily Online and then she communicated with them in the library of the People's Daily .The officer Lu Wenbing introduced the history of the People's Daily, showed the Jinchaji daily newspaper which was preserved completely, and answered students' questions.

Teachers and students arrived at new media center of People's Broadcasting Station at  2:00pm. Guan Yu Ling teacher led teachers and students to have a visit of the departments  of new media center and had a pleasant communication with the staff in studio during the visit.
Teachers and students arrived in China Printing Museum at 4:oopm.The affluent museum showed the history of Chinese printing and publishing and important objects in various periods.
The international students visited Chinese provincial media and central media, and focused on understanding the use of traditional media to new media in two visits of this month. They were suprised at  the extent of media integration in Chinese media . During the visit, the media from time to time with the staff learn to communicate, and take pictures with their cameras, mobile phones and other photographic equipment.
All the visits in this month were led by Ma Ting teacher and she assumd entire translation.


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