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The commencement ceremony of graduates in the jo...

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摘要: The commencement ceremony of graduates in the journalism d...

The college of Journalism and Communication held The commencement ceremony of graduates in the journalism department of 2013 on June 22, 2013. At 2:30 in the afternoon,the ceremony was held in 304 hall of the main building.Liang Wei, the deputy secretary of Party committee and vice president, hosted the academy.Professor Zhang Yanqin,the school Party member of the Standing Committee and secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission,Professor Bai Gui,the Dean of the college of Journalism and Communication,Chairman of the Committee of academic degrees and doctoral tutor,Professor Wang Jingming,the secretary of the Party committee,Professor Han Lixin,the vice president,attended the commencement ceremony.In addition,doctoral tutors, the head of departments and professors, graduate tutorsundergraduates of 2013 and some parents also presented unanimously.

The first term was "singing the National Anthem".Subsequently,Professor Zhang Yanqin, Professor Bai Gui,and other professors,teachers issuegraduate certificateand degree certificates to graduates of 2013.After the ceremony,Liu Mingmei,a news graduate,and Professor Shang Jianhui of Journalism Department as the representative of graduates and teachers,have carried out a speak.Later, Professor Zhang Yanqin expressed congratulations and hope to our college graduates.Finally,all people stood up to sing the school song,and the commencement ceremony ended. 

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