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The first Red Carpet Show hosted by our school a...

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摘要: The first Red Carpet Show hosted by our school appeared in...

As a part of the graduate thematic education activity, named "Beautiful memory,beautiful dream" , our school's 2013 Red Carpet & Graduate Party, which is also the first Red Carpet Show, was held in the main campus's southern basketball court on June 23,2013.It is attended by partial teachers, the 2013 postgraduate, the undergraduate of our school and partial graduates of other schools.
For a long time, our school has devoted herself to innovating the campus culture development model, building the essential campus culture activities, and improving the students' humanistic quality. A number of activities, the Lawn Music Reading, the thematic lectures of Lianchi Reading club and the Mid-Autumn & Moon Poetry Reading, are widely praised by the teachers and students. The activities have a good effect on society and make a contribution to the Scholarly Campus and Cultural Campus of Hebei University.

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