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Professor Laurence Simmons and Mr.Zhou Xuelin fr...

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摘要: Professor Laurence Simmons and Mr.Zhou Xuelin from Univers...

At 9:30 a.m. on July 8th, Professor Laurence Simmons and Mr.Zhou Xuelin from University of Auckland in New Zealand visited our school and had an informal discussion with Dean Baigui, associate dean Han Lixin and other school leaders.

In the first place, DeanBaiguiextended sincere welcome to the visit of the University of Auckland, set forth the basic education situation, and looked forward to establish favorable cooperative relationship with University of Auckland, hoping that we can keep company with each other and have a cordial working relationship.

Mr. Simmons sketched the current situation and research field of the subject in Auckland University. He said they had been in touch with Europe and North America for academiceducation, expecting build closer ties with Asian colleges and universities, and they were willing to strengthen communication with Hebei University. For the visit, Professor Simmons regarded it a chance to reach an agreement with each other, which also made a contribution to the cooperation and development.

When asked about the details of cooperation, Dean Bai said it’s better to strengthenthe relationship through the teachers and students exchange visits. In addition, to promote the communication, it’s necessary to hold some workshop, forum, training class and summer camp.

Professor Simmons referred that they had connected with Beijing Foreign Language University, with whom they edited cultural reader together, Nanjing University and Fudan University. They also carried on lots of research in many fields, such as new media, film, TV, culture and pop music, which actually got good results.

During the discussion, Mr. Zhou Xuelin showed interest in the Chineserelevant data during the Anti-Japanese War. Dean Bai briefly introduced our school’s research and achievement about Shanxi-Chahar-Hebei Journalism History during that time period.

At last, Professor Simmons said they would provide convenient conditions and encouraged the master, the doctor and young teachers to go to the University of Auckland to pursue advanced studies. Dean Bai also showed welcome to the teachers and students of Auckland University if they could have a visit to our school.

After the discussion, under the leadership of Duhao, who is the associate dean of the school, Professor Simmons and Mr. Zhou headed for B4 to visit the Media Lab and had a good talk.












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